Silicone Roof Coatings

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Have Experts Handle Your Silicone Roof Coating

A silicone roof application will provide your commercial roof with increased energy efficiency and protection. You can expect a cooler roof with better performance from inclement weather and daily temperature changes. Ultimately, having a silicone roof coating put down by a professional is essential in order to ensure compliance to local building codes. What’s more, having a professional handle your roof will ensure proper application without problems popping up after the fact. Josh Neal Roofing & Restoration has trained and certified roofers who are quipped with the task of handling your roof. Give us a call at (601) 573-1364 for quality silicone roof coatings in Madison, MS.

Increase Your Roof’s Protection

When it comes to silicone roof coatings, one or two layers can be rolled or sprayed on a roof which will be able to fill in cracks, seams, and blisters on a given roof. They are particularly useful when minor wear and leaks are present as they will cover them up and provide a layer of protection against further wear. They are designed to hold ponded water and are water repellant in nature so that water is not able to damage the roof. A roof coating in general is able to be permeable and allow trapped moisture in the insulation decking or underlayment to evaporate so that the roof can breathe. Silicone roof coatings are a durable material that’s less likely to be damaged from hail, debris, and foot traffic. It will act as insulation and prevent damages from the sun as seen with UV rays.

If you’re in need of silicone roof coatings in Madison, MS contact our trained roofers today. They’ll be able to confer with you about your property requirements for a better-performing commercial roof.

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Josh Neal Roofing & Restoration is here to assist you in all of your commercial roofing endeavors. Having a silicone roof coating will ensure a longer roof life and is a great way to better protect your roof. Call our team today at (601) 573-1364 for silicone roof coatings in Madison, MS.